A Walking Contradiction

There’s too much to hold

And yet, I’m held.

I need to be nurtured

And yet, I long to nurture.

I desire love

And yet, I have so much love to give.

I wish for a partner

And yet, I revel in the solitude.

I hold tightly in my grip

And yet, I let go and let God.

I want to be cared for

And yet, I care too much about.

I hold fast to my boundaries

And yet, I ache in loneliness.

I risk it all to grow and be all I can be

And yet, my heart is filled with grief.

My heart cries in pain

And yet, my cup runneth over with mercy.

My anguish rouses me in the night

And yet, my lips sing praise and thanksgiving.

My spirit despairs

And yet, there is joy on my journey.

My rock has hit bottom

And yet, I rise on the cornerstone.

My fear screams louder than the pain

And yet, my mouth rejoices in truth.

My path seems unclear

And yet, my eyes see True North

My mind wanders

And yet, my focus is fixed on Thee.

My Dear Sister, you are not alone.


Rochelle Sadie

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