A Blessing for Lament

Recently I held a grieving circle for some very precious women. We did not give advice, fix or critique each other’s stories. We did not give our opinion to the ways each woman carried her grief. We did not turn our “church noses” down to one another and say, “you need to have more faith.” ” You just need to trust God and it will all work out.”, “You should forgive and you will feel so free”, “Don’t blame God, He didn’t do this – eventually you’ll have to get over it.” We did none of this. There was no judgment in how the grief manifested within each voice.

We looked.

We listened.

We breathed.

We wept.

We held.

We prayed.

If you are in the throws of loss, grief or suffering; I offer this blessing for your lament. May it ring true in your soul and give strength to your bones. You may despair, but you never have to despair alone.

I ignite this candle to represent the light. When we follow Jesus he says the light will be in you. No darkness will be part of your body, for your body, mind and spirit will be entirely illuminated. May our pain be fully illuminated as we enter into sacred lament.

Bless her weary body for she is weakened from grief. Strengthen her with your words and the words of her community. She chooses the way of truth, she recognizes truth is the more painful path.

May she hide, weep, despair and rest in the shelter of your love and love from others. Her eyes pour out streams of tears… sustain her as you have promised. Sustain her so she can be safe for others in her grief.

Bless this affliction, as you catch the tears from her eyes and record them in your ledger. Bless her pleading, she reveals all her trouble to the Lord and her sisters. Her spirit is weak, but you know her way.

Bless her dismay as she spreads out her hands for your mercy.

Be gracious as she is in distress, her life is consumed with grief. Her strength has failed and her soul is afflicted.

Bless her angry questions, She does not understand the way of death and loss. May her anger lead her to enlightenment and the way of your empathy and truth.

Bless her cry for help, and the comfort she gives to others.

Do not be far from her – Jesus hurry to help her.

Bless her grief as you bring her up once again from the depths of the earth.

Increase her honor and strength as she receives your comfort.

Bless her sisterhood, tribe and village, the afflicted and broken-hearted.

Redeem her from oppression.

Forever, Amen

Written and adapted from the Psalms by Rochelle Sadie

May you never lament alone.


Rochelle Sadie


  1. Thank you. So beautiful. It also made me think of the Catholic tradition of lighting candles. I’m Protestant, so don’t really know what I’m talking about, so please bare with me. But that was the first thought that popped into my mind, and I really like it. I always like trying to see the deep and different points of view of different ways of worshipping our Saviour.
    I also love your sweet spirit.So again, thank you

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