To the Sister who knows the searing hot pain of betrayal and loss.

You are not alone in your flames.

Love, Rochelle

The fire in my soul burns fiercely today.

Not the fire for passion or purpose

She is the fire that leads to death and disarray.

The lick of her flame threatens to destroy my heart while the burn in my throat would extinguish my voice.

She burns a hole in three chambers, the place they left.

Big, medium and little.

I never knew these chambers existed until love entered and made it’s home.

The pain in that place burns raw today.

My tears fall like a drop in a bucket unable to quench the thirst of her blaze.

What will be left of it when those three spaces remain?

Will there be resurrection after agony?

Will there be growth after ash?

Will there be color and life or the blackness of night?

What do I do with burned places and spaces?

And the scar left behind?

Can it be mended?

I’m lost and alone in a fire of pain.

Her flames may go, yet the burns will stay.

What then?

What becomes of the red in my soul?

Big, medium and little.

Where is the salve?

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…. “

The valley of singed and scorched earth.

I look for you…

I seek to hear your voice from her rage.

I cry out to the spirit;

is this Holy fire?

I look outward for a source of her heat

I look outward for blame: who held the match? Who lit the shame?

Her flames within, are mine to own; to look at their color

Warm in her heat

Hearing her crackles

Touch her inferno

Befriend her, she’s yours.

Call her by name…

She’s Grief.

Written by, Rochelle Sadie


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