Hush little baby

Hush little baby – you can cry

Sadness and Sorrow are in your eyes

I’m here to shine a light for you

Joy will come when the night is through

So while your heart is breaking in two

The Truth will come and stay with you

Hush little baby – you can cry

You’ve lost so much – your heart can’t fly

He saw you when that heart was filled

With so much love and care to give

And when your heart found a home with them

It opened wide to be welcomed in

Hush little baby – speak your mind

Lament all the ways you lost this time

Little by little, pearls before swine

Same old story with a different rhyme

So when you feel that pain inside

Know that wisdom is becoming refined

Hush little baby, you can weep

I know the treasure that you seek

and if it never returns to thee

Love and Justice are guaranteed.



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