A Blessing of Vindication

Listen to me daughter, you who seek the Lord;

I will comfort you and Jesus will comfort all your waste places and spaces

He will make your wilderness like Eden as he sends you gifts of his love, sisters to wrap their arms around you and hold the tears you cry

God will make your desert like a garden of beauty, comfort, and serenity

Joy and gladness will make their way to your heart and thanksgiving will become your melodious song – it will bear witness to a place deep within the suffering of her heart as she collects moments of goodness which remind her she is mine

Listen to me my beloved girl, my justice will come as a light to your circumstance, and my righteousness is near to you as my salvation appears before you, my arms will bring justice to your life

Everyone will see how strong you are as you look up to the heavens and know that I am with you, I am for you and by your side. I defend you in the secret – in the realm that you do not yet see

My rescue for you will last forever

You know me, my dear girl, we have a special bond like no other – so do not fear what this man has done to you

Do not fear the disgrace he laid upon you and do not be shattered by his broken taunts and promises

Moths will devour him and his words like a garment, worms will eat them like wool. I am not impressed with him- his tears, service or big prayers. I HATE pride above all else.

This man speaks out of the duality of his own heart and none of his words or deeds will last forever… but me…

Oh! Honey, MY righteousness will last forever. He sold you a lie of a righteous man with integrity, but behaved the opposite of me. My righteousness is YOURS, therefore I cannot ever break my commitment to you

My salvation is for you and your future children, so clothe yourself with strength my dear one! Wake up!

Remember your strengths. Remember I am the God who has comforted you after persecution, divorce, exile, and betrayal. I will comfort you in this betrayal as well

I stretch out the heavens before you – lay the foundations of the Earth at your feet

I saw you when you were in constant dread all day long of whether or not he would see you, love you, share with you, and invite you fully into his heart, his fury worried you

No longer! You are soon to be set free, my love. You will not die – this WILL NOT send you to the pit. I am yours! El Roi, Yahweh, Immanuel, I put my words of love in your mouth and I cover you in the shadow of my hand, in order to say YOU are my PERSON!

May you put on your strength! Oh Daughter of Zion – put on your beautiful garments; for the selfish and foolish man who dishonored you, will no longer enter your safety

So stand up, my Beauty, shake the dust off yourself! I am with you – I will hold you up – I will prepare a FEAST before your enemy and I will CONTEND WITH THE ONE WHO CONTENDS WITH YOU!

I will save you, and your children, and your children’s children for the mighty FAITH you have shown

I will make this oppressor eat his own words, THEN all people will know that I, am your Savior and your Redeemer and my banner over you is LOVE. They will know when I defend you above all else.

So let him eat dirt.

Thus saith the Lord.

Rochelle Sadie

*Blessing is adapted from Isaiah 49 – 51

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