My Dear Sister,

Right now, you may be feeling shock, betrayal, terror, anger, sadness and confusion.   You might be feeling like you have stepped into an alternate reality.  Everything you knew to be true – seems like a lie.  Your world has come to a complete stop.   You might be feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed by fear.   Maybe you have known about his secret for a while now and you feel numb.  You have put up a wall of protection in order to survive.   No matter how you are feeling or how long you have known about his secret – your world is spinning, and you are here for help.  I want you to know  I see you.

            Some of us have discovered our husband’s sexual addiction.  That means we have caught him in his own lies, or we walked in on something that feels like our brains will never forget and we wish we could “unsee” the atrocity we witnessed.  Others have received an incomplete disclosure or a dumping.  This means your spouse has come to you with the guilt of their behavior and has dumped it in your lap.  It may be his attempt at clearing his conscience, pushing you away or his first step toward entering his own journey to recovery.   No matter what his motivation is; it is one of the most painful things a woman can hear.    

            My dear sister, whatever your reason for reaching out for support – I am glad you’re here.  The world of sexual addiction can be very confusing, and you may feel lost and alone.  I want you to know you are not alone.  There is a community of women who can walk this road with you, move with you thru the pain and the loss, and forge new paths with you as you learn to walk in empowerment.   You have been duped, denied and deceived; with God’s help I want to help you journey back to yourself!  That little girl inside you deserves to be scooped up, rescued and nurtured back to health!

You can find safety, empowerment and healing, despite the devastating effects that sexual addiction has had on your story.   You are the victim of betrayal trauma – but you will not remain a victim.  By the end of our time together, you will learn to establish your safety, grow in self-nourishment, and reclaim your voice.   You will learn to reframe the pain in such a way that you begin to move from the victim to the SHEROE of your own story!

I too am walking this long road of healing and restoration.  Come join me as we heal with one another in empathy, encouragement and empowerment to become joy-filled and whole!

You are not alone.


Rochelle Sadie