Trauma Informed Counseling

I provide 50 minute counseling sessions, for women, children and young adults to process betrayal trauma and abuse. If you choose to work with me you will be met with warmth, compassion, validation and gentleness. I believe in meeting humans exactly where they are at, just like Jesus does for me! I use a variety of strategies to empower each client to use their voice and embrace their goodness.

-Love, Rochelle

In a stormy sea of chaos, confusion, and self-doubt, Rochelle is a life-line.  She has done her “work” to heal and recover from abuse.  She brings you to shore, to a place of safety, and takes you on a journey of healing and recovery with empathy.  She lets you set the pace for your own “work” and coaches you with gentleness, grace, and compassion” -RD

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A one on one video call with Rochelle. Payment is due at the time we schedule your appointment.


I love how Rochelle Sadie leads a small group, with compassion and knowledge on the topic of trauma and abuse. Weekly, she found additional resources that made our discussion and learning deeper. Coming from her own experience, she can relate to my story and she often spoke into my life and touched my heart in a way that made me feel heard, believed, and validated.” — Christine

MY DEAR SISTER IS ALSO A WORKING AFFILIATE OF MOUNTAIN CITY CHRISTIAN COUNSELING… MCCC offers resources such as Spiritual Processing Groups and individualized therapy