My name is Rochelle Sadie, a Pastor’s kid who married a man addicted to pornography, I survived 31 years of betrayal trauma while God was used as a weapon to keep me small.  Betrayal trauma almost destroyed my soul, but I have found freedom from childhood wounds and distorted beliefs.  I counsel men, women and adolescents who have felt the devastating effects of betrayal from childhood, church, and their abusive spouse.  I would love to journey with you toward wholeness.  You can survive  and THRIVE on the other side!  You can find your voice and your safety.  You are not alone!298915022_793240458368796_3270019701498751212_n
Rochelle Sadie, M.ED

My certifications include:  Masters in Education, Certificate in The Vulnerable Child Course through Mending the Soul Ministries and Immanuel Approach Training with Dr. Karl Lehman,  trained in Developmental Needs Meeting Strategies (DNMS), and Dialectical Behavioral Theory

I have been featured on the Flying Free Podcast with Natalie Hoffman, Guest-Speaker in the Flying High Program, and Confusion to Clarity Arise Group with Helena Knowlton.   Guest Lectured on Trauma Informed Instruction within Elementary School Network, in addition my work includes hosting My Dear Sister Gatherings for survivors of betrayal trauma.

Listen to my conversation with expert and advocate Natalie Hoffman, here: