Princess of God

For the princess.  The little one in each of us – the One whom was lied to, deceived, convinced she was not enough, deserted, neglected and abandoned.  She is priceless – Lord, hear my cry:


“I pray for the little one – that you go before her, show her all the little ways you pursue her in love- that her heart may flourish rather than be forsaken.  Loved and not lost.  May her soul revel in beauty rather than the barrenness of trial and tribulation.  May her heart be pursued in kindness and goodness.  May she be free to run wild and play, make mistakes and get dirty.  May she wonder and marvel at the Creation around her.  May her heart be open to the signs and wonders of her Creator.  I pray she feel the slow pursuit of the Father’s love.  I pray she be held with compassion, comfort, empathy and unconditional love in those moments she feels unseen, unknown, and unloved.  

I pray for a force in her life that may always remind her she matters.  May she walk in her identity- a daughter of the LORD OF HEAVEN’S ARMIES – seated next to  Him – she has all power and authority to ask for what she needs, without shame.  She has unlimited resources at the right hand of the King.  May she remember that she is FULLY clothed in righteousness, a masterpiece, beautifully formed.  She is named and chosen.  

May her love for Jesus nourish the girl she sees in the mirror – watching herself grow in love and goodness.  May the image of Jesus reflect her value back to her each morning, as she walks with power and confidence – in His love for her.  Her heart, her wisdom, her glory and goodness.”

“Now listen, daughter, don’t miss a word: forget your country, put your home behind you.  Be here- the King is wild for you.  Since he’s your lord, adore him.  Wedding gifts pour in from Tyre; her wedding dress is dazzling, lined with gold by the weavers; All her dresses and robes are woven with gold.  She is led to the king… a procession of JOY and LAUGHTER! a grand entrance to the king’s palace!” – Psalm 46: 10 – 15 MSG


You are not alone.


Rochelle Sadie

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